Formal Transactional Letter


Dear editor:

I'm writing this letter because I have some complainings
about what did you publicate on your newspapper.
First of all you missed a lot of important things that
happened over there on the manifestation that we did.

We were not just claiming for the extinction of a rare
species of snails also we were protesting for the
destruction of the woodland which is more important than the
poor snails.

Also we weren't just 200 people manifestating
our disagreement for doing this crime against nature,
we were 2.000 people much more than 200 dont you think that?

The thing that you published that really piss me off was the
fact that we weren't sat in the road and we didn't chanted any slogans
to block the access to the site we did a very
peacefull demonstration of our disagreement with
the destruction of the woodland and the extinction of the

And finally I don't know who was
the person who said that we are just all unemployed youngster
from other parts of the country there were a lot of local residents
who wanted to fight with us for the correct thing
that we re defending.

So please send a reporter from your newspapper to my home
so could have the real information of all of this
and what happened for real.

Yours sincerely,

Francisco Gonzalez

A short story for the competition


One day in the city a lot of rock bands were reunited to play some music at the most popular Rock Festival in this city, they were like 10 or 15 bands and all of them were very good and very famous in the underground movement.
Everything was cool but something suddenly happened, the drummer of one the bands was injured and he will not be able to play with his band because he get injured very bad
from his right ankle.
So I was in the main entrance to see the festival because I wanted to see my friends playing and rocking in the main stage, one of them call me and he told me what happened. So I ran to the backstage to see what was happening and I saw them very sad because they wouldn't be able to play in front of the stage because of the drummer's injury so I said:"Guys, if you want I can play for him you know that I'm a huge fan10 of you and I know all the songs and you know that I play drums so if you want I could play the songs with you I don't have any problem with it".
They were looking at the drummer and me, they were very worried because they knew that I'm not a big drummer like my other friend but they had no choice.

Solemne Writing #1


Mrs. Helen Ryan:

First of all I want to say thanks for the price, I want to travel on January because I’m on vacations on that date and also is my birthday month so that would be the perfect gift for me for my birthday.

I would prefer to be accommodated in tents, is better for me because I love to see the stars at night have fun with the other guys of the camp around the fire telling terror stories and all that funny stuff, so that’s why I prefer to be accommodated in tents, I hope you can give me a tent just for me I want to have my own privacy over there.

I was looking for the activities that you have on the camp and I’m very interested in Photography and tennis. I’m very good taking pictures of the nature and things like that and I want to learn how to improve my service in tennis I know how to play it but I’m not good at all on this sports so this could be the chance to improve my skills on it.

I just have one question, How much time I will be there? Because on febraury I always go on vacations with my friends and I don’t want to lose that kind of tradition I will be very sad if I don’t go with them this year.

Yours sincerely,

Francisco Gonzalez

The best way to travel in Santiago


First of all you have to buy a little turistic guide or a guidebook at the airport or where you are staying probably in a hotel or something like that.

If you don't want to buy that kind of stuff just go into the internet and try to check on map city how to go to some places in Santiago like the most important plaeces like:
Cerro Santa Lucia, Parque Bustamante, Plaza Italia, La Moneda, Cerro San Cristobal, the museums of Quinta Normal, probably those are the most imporant places here in Santiago.

If you want to know all those places the best way to go to those places is to use the METRO or Transantiago, probably transantiago is a little bit complicated but is a great system of transport here in Santiago by now just try to use the Metro.
Metro is very easy to use just go into the station and ask to somebody wearing a red uniform how to go to a place and he will tell you with no problems.
Actually Metro is a very confortable and safety way o travel around Santiago, it goes from coast to coast to any place of this city you just have to now where you have to go down on a station and that's it, I hope you don't get lost.

Miriam’s disastrous trip


a. What are some things that Miriam definitely should have done before she left on her trip?

Do her luggage as the first thing before she had the going-away party so she could put all the things that she would need for her trip like the carry on bag.

Get information about where she would go because she didn't know where she was exactly, probably she must have to read her guidebook or jus carry it with her so she probably could rode the guidebook in the plane.

She didn't have a reservation for an hotel so she went to a very expensive hotel . Probably she spend a lot of money over here just to sleep a night so she completely forgot about to do a reservation in a less expensive hotel over there.

Also she forgot to have Breakfast before she took the plane and for me having breakfast is one of the most important things to do in the day, because if you don't have breakfast you are nor focussed on what are you doing.

b. What are some other things that Miriam could have done to make her trip more enjoyable?

Probably not to going alone on her trip maybe if she did the trip with a friend everything would be easier because to have a solution for all her problems, ALWAYS two heads thinks better than one head.

c. What should she do now?

If I were her, I would take the bus trip I know it would take more hours for her to go where she wanted to go but common enjoy the view of the trip meet new people on the bus try to make some new friends so they could help you with you objetive...... Meet the orangutans.

Strange Picture


I think than this situation could happened in a office,probably that was like a wrestling tournament and the chinesse guy is doing a frog splash to his partner to make a little funnier the work atmosphere and also win the tournament.



mmmm so what are the advantages and disadvantages of living on the city or the country..... Let's see.


- You have everything what you need, for example technologies, prepared food, etc.
- Subway or Metro
- More parts where you can go to have fun like discos, pubs, etc.
- A lot of supermarkets.
- Work opportunities.
- More Education, I mean in the city are more Universities, schools, colleges and institutes.
Those are the principal ones but let's see the disadvantages:


- Smog, Pollution.
- Crimes, Delinquency.
- A bad transport system (here in Santiago at least)

And those are the most clearful disadvantages of living on the city.

By other hand we have the advantages and disadvantages of living on the country but I'm not going to reffer to that because is very clear is just the inverse of the things I wrote on the top for example you don't have subway or metro in the country and are very obvius.

However you can breath very clean air or oxigen in the country, that makes you feel very good and also confortable just like in your city but without the smoke of the air, so probably this could be the very best advantage of living in the country, also the most of the people who lives in the country are thin because they walk a lot to go to their jobs or the school and is very confortable do exercises over there because you don't feel tired at the moment as if you do exercises here in Santiago for example.