Formal Transactional Letter


Dear editor:

I'm writing this letter because I have some complainings
about what did you publicate on your newspapper.
First of all you missed a lot of important things that
happened over there on the manifestation that we did.

We were not just claiming for the extinction of a rare
species of snails also we were protesting for the
destruction of the woodland which is more important than the
poor snails.

Also we weren't just 200 people manifestating
our disagreement for doing this crime against nature,
we were 2.000 people much more than 200 dont you think that?

The thing that you published that really piss me off was the
fact that we weren't sat in the road and we didn't chanted any slogans
to block the access to the site we did a very
peacefull demonstration of our disagreement with
the destruction of the woodland and the extinction of the

And finally I don't know who was
the person who said that we are just all unemployed youngster
from other parts of the country there were a lot of local residents
who wanted to fight with us for the correct thing
that we re defending.

So please send a reporter from your newspapper to my home
so could have the real information of all of this
and what happened for real.

Yours sincerely,

Francisco Gonzalez

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